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Why Me?

Police agencies and private businesses can have vehicles towed for many reasons including:

Illegally Parked
A vehicle parked illegally or compromising public safety can be removed immediately. Vehicles parked in front of any of the following signs can be towed: Construction Zone, Fire Lane, Fire Hydrant, Bus Zone, Red Zone, Handicapped Parking, No Parking Any Time or other No Parking areas.
Unauthorized Parking On or Blocking Private Property
Vehicles may not park in private property parking lots, driveways, or other spaces without the permission of the property owner. According to the vehicle code, the entrances of private property must be marked by specific signs and vehicles must be parked in violation.  Property owners can call private tow companies and tow vehicles immediately. Vehicles towed or removed must be reported to police.  Police officers may also remove vehicles from private property in certain circumstances.
Blocking Roadways, Sidewalks or Driveways
A vehicle cannot block a street, lane of traffic, driveway, sidewalk, public right-of-way or another vehicle. Obstructing vehicles can be towed immediately.
Abandoned Vehicles
Any vehicle reported as left abandoned or parked motionless on any public street may be marked by officers as abandoned. Owners have 48 hours from the time the vehicle is marked to remove it before it is towed away.
Disabled/Dismantled Vehicles
If a vehicle is not in safe running condition, or it is unable to be moved by it’s own power, it can be towed away by officers immediately, at any time without notice.
Unlicensed / Suspended Driver's License
A vehicle cannot be driven by any person without a driver’s license or those who commit a license violation. Vehicles can be towed even if there is a licensed passenger in the vehicle or the driver is not the owner.
Registration Expired
Any vehicle, registered in any state, found anywhere with an expired registration can be towed.
Unpaid Parking Citations
Vehicles that have received three or more unpaid parking citations or have an outstanding balance exceeding $100.00 can be towed at any time. Once the parking citations are paid, the vehicle can be released to the owner.
Driver or Occupant Arrested
Vehicles cannot be left on roadways following the arrest of the driver or person in control of the vehicle.
Evidence or Used in a Crime
Any vehicle used in a crime or containing evidence of a crime will be towed immediately and impounded by the police.

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